xml4eda - XML-File Formats for data exchange between Electronic Design Tools

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last change 27.Aug.2001

Short description of this project:

A XML Format will be defined for data exchange between EDA design tools. This Format will be free and open! There exist no standard file format now, which every design tool could import and export. Every design tool provider makes his own proprietary file format to enshure, that it is not possible for the customer to change to another tool. The goal of this project is making here a open standard for data exchange (especially for open EDA Tools) and I hope that many design tool would also take this file format as their native file format. One big advantage of XML will be, that you can see the result of a design nearly on every web browser, so it is not needed to install the complete EDA suite!

Some definitions will be e.g.:

The TODO-List at this moment: